Big Satsuma Radio
A U.K. based internet radio station that
brings you the most creative, innovative
and interesting musicians and artists.

We showcase independent, emerging talent alongside your favourite stars and icons,
with special features, interviews and
exclusive stories.

We are ethical, collaborative and true supporters of alternative, new wave, electronic & independent grassroots music from around the world.

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Big Satsuma Radio was formed in 2022 by four radio producers, Kurt Sinclair-Hall, Bridget Gray, Stuart Calder and Colin Spencer.

 Four radio professionals who for many years, have shown passion for supporting and championing independent and unsigned musicians.


Building on experiences gained across the radio industry, this fabulous foursome decided the time was right to move their flagship radio shows and create a new internet station that would encompass their love for independent and unsigned music and also provide a truly ethical platform for artists to get their music heard with interviews, features

and special promotions. Other wonderfully

talented radio presenters and producers appreciated the concept

behind the new station and wanted

to come onboard with their

own very special shows.

Of course we welcomed them

with open arms.

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