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Big Satsuma News Team

29 Jan 2023

Jan Gow joins the BSR Saturday show lineup at 6pm

We are very happy to announce that Jan Gow and her 70's themed show will be joining us on Big Satsuma Radio for a weekly show every Saturday at 6pm...

Born in Liverpool at the height of Beatlemania and Merseybeat, into a household already containing an 18 year old music-mad older sister, it was a forgone conclusion that Jan would be obsessed with music from an early age.


When she was 5 years old, her mum bought her a little portable Fidelity record player from a John Moores catalogue. Jan's sister donated two 7” singles** that she was fed up with, and an obsession was born.


Fast forward 50-odd years and that little red suitcase is now a room housing Jan's collection of more than 2000 albums, 4000 singles, her hi-fi and beloved Rowe- Ami Cadette jukebox. This room is known as The JanCave.

In more recent years she accidentally became involved with community radio – and after presenting and co-presenting on several FM stations , migrated towards more specialist, music-focused radio – aimed specifically at listeners who are true music lovers (and in a lot of cases, vinyl collectors like herself).

This show is devoted to the music from Jan's favourite decade, the 1970s with each episode tackling a specific 70s year’s music, facts and pop culture.

(** Those 2 singles... Nancy Sinatra “These Boots Are Made For Walking” and Neil Sedaka “Oh Carol”. And yes, she still owns both).

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