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Cheers and goodbye from Big Satsuma Radio.... End of an era

Big Satsuma News Team

16 May 2024

We are ending on 31st May 2024


After two amazing years of internet broadcasting, the management team have decided we will be bowing out gracefully on Friday 31st May and Big Satsuma Radio will

no longer be broadcasting.

It is the 2nd Anniversary of Big Satsuma Radio on Wednesday 29th May. The last two years have been filled with highlights and achievements, and the effort behind the scenes has been immense from all of the team.


With the creation of Big Satsuma Radio Kurt, Bridget and Stuart have managed to create an ethical internet radio station that makes a positive difference to listeners, presenters and artists alike. Our team of presenters has been producing wonderfully entertaining shows each with their own character and identity.


Over the last decade the radio landscape has changed dramatically, with internet stations and podcasts cropping up all over the web and the public want entertainment-on-demand at a time that suits them, looking to streaming rather than scheduled programming. For artists, labels and listeners the appetite for internet radio just isn’t there.


The last 12 months has pulled on our resources physically and emotionally, with personal tragedies, health issues, career changes and pressures with Kurt, Bridget and Stuart having to put existing personal commitments, important media and music projects on hold so that we could focus on Big Satsuma Radio.


The three of us have come to the difficult decision that we cannot progress the station any further, so we will be bowing out gracefully on Friday 31st May and will no longer be broadcasting.


We understand that you may be disappointed, and it has been a difficult decision to make, but we feel we have achieved so much with Big Satsuma Radio and now it is time to concentrate on other projects. We want to go out feeling we did make a difference. Thank you to the artists, labels and listeners that joined us on the journey. Kurt, Bridget, Stuart and the presenters will no doubt still continue

to support independent artists in the future.

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