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New Video Documentary on Grammy Award winning songwriter Morgan King

Big Satsuma News Team

18 Oct 2022

Another fabulous music documentary from Big Satsuma Radio

Video documentary by Big Satsuma Radio's Johnny and Bridget. Grammy Award winning songwriter and musician Morgan King (Illustration, Clubland, Obiman, Lene Lovich Band, Inception in Black) invites the duo to spend a weekend at his idyllic home/studio and discusses his music career from the beginning, music making, technology, strange tales of dog walking, deportation, doughnuts, patreon, banging bits of metal with a hammer, the finest compost and garden gnomes too. Expect the unexpected. Contains some of Morgan's iconic music videos.

All music provided by/with permission of Morgan King. All copyrights respected.

For Morgan King information: More video documentaries and features at:

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